How it works

CryptoDividend posts the companies that offer their token holders a part of business profits. Investing in the listed cryptocurrencies, you receive the so-called security tokens. We calculate the estimated earnings from the crypto-coin dividends, and display the numbers on our website, updating them daily for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What data do we use to calculate crypto dividends?

The numbers in our CryptoDividend rating are based on:

  • the exchange price of a token
  • number of staked tokens
  • data on previous payouts

We receive the information on payouts by either investing our own tokens and tracking the payments or reviewing the payout history on the company’s website and other informational resources. If a token can be mined, we calculate the price of mining as well.

Cryptocurrency list: what does the Daily Dividend ROI (last 24h) mean?

If you buy or mine (provided the price of mining is lower) a token at a current rate, and the payouts remain the same as ones of the last 24 hours, your daily dividend ROI will be the same as displayed in our table. We divide the dividends for the last 24 hours by the current number of staked tokens and the lower of two prices - either exchange or mining one. The token’s price changes are not taken into account.

How do we calculate Daily Dividend ROI (last 7d) for the listed altcoins?

Everything is similar to the figures of Daily Dividend ROI (last 24h), but instead of last 24-hour payout, we take the averaged daily payout for the last seven days.