About Us

The CryptoDividend team consists of crypto enthusiasts and developers who believe in the cryptocurrencies’ long-term perspective. Today, we are witnessing the initial stage of security tokens market. At the moment, the majority of existing companies offering crypto dividends do not possess permits for their activities. More than that, the large part of businesses’ founders and management prefer to stay anonymous.

It won’t be for long. We believe that in the nearest future, the laws will be adopted to allow companies legally issue security tokens. Dividend cryptocurrencies have a considerable edge over the ordinary cryptocurrencies and utility tokens since they let the holders receive profits without speculation. Being proactive, we’ve created a crypto dividend profit rating. At the moment, we’re displaying the basic info only, but the website is continuously updating, and we’re planning to introduce new functionality in due time. We aim at developing a convenient instrument for an investor before the STO (security token offering) legalization.

CryptoDividend is here to help people like ourselves invest in cryptocurrencies and earn regardless the market fluctuations.