EOSKingDom(EKD) is a multifaceted game platform developing EOS-based blockchain. The user is provided with a safe, verifiable game platform through a blockchain system. The key game of EKD is to launch games encompassing different genres including role-playing games, arcade games, board games and casino games and to foster entertaining environment for its users. The aim of EKD is to utilize the strengths of the EOS-based blockchain platform to provide an environment in which the game developers and the players are able to have confidence in each other, and to develop games for mutual growth and development. EKD has had many thoughts and plans before launching the game. EKD would like to make the environment in which players can enjoy games, holders can realize profits through dividends, and token miners can make profits through mining. EKD has traditionally invested in major coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Eos, and has not invested in the Dapp tokens or altcoins. EKD is pleased to learn how miners and holders can make profits through trading via Cryptodividend. If people study how to invest cryptocurrency through the site, they will earn a lot of revenue from Dapp tokens. Through EKD games, we hope that many users enjoy EKD games and also make profits by mining and trading. I look forward your interest and support in EKD. Thank you.